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Tecview Interactive - allows customers to find property information quickly
Tecview Interactive - allows customers to find property information quickly at your window 24x7

What is Tec-View Interactive?

Tec-View Interactive allows customers to instantly call up and display detailed properties particulars on your database. Tec-View Interactive is designed to capture those lost sales opportunities when customers are out and about with their family, exploring your area and hungry for information but frustrated they can't get is when they want it.


Get a free on-site demo

Our demonstration rig incorporates Tec-View, a thru-glass keypad and Tec-Print. No installation required, we just bring it along and switch it on.

Just call 0207 993 6503.

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Window Property Advertising with Tec-View Interactive

Tec-View Interactive is an answer to Independent Estate Agents needing to service active customers with basic property information from their premises 24x7. Customers can choose to view properties to rent or properties for sale, and choose their price range. Your customers can also preview as much detailed information as you want to show them on any property.


Like Tec-View Basic, you can segregate which properties are advertised on which screen by price and rent/buy, so you can focus each screen on a narrow range of properties. You can then dedicate one screen to also providing an interactive service for maximum economy and space efficiency. You can also choose which properties are shown at which times of day, enabling Tec-View to target particular traffic patterns.


Tec-View Interactive employs the same Tec-View software and database as other products in the range, so upgrading at any time is simple and straightforward. Tec-View Interactive comes in two basic formats, either using a thru-glass numeric keypad (recommended) or a throu-glass touch-screen (suitable when window display space is not at a premium)


Tec-View Interactive can be enhanced with Tec-Remote to give you a physical presence wherever you can obtain premium window display space and an Internet connection at an attractive price.


Tec-View Interactive can also be enhanced with Tec-Cam to enhance the security of your office, and deter any would-be burglars or vandals.



Tec-View Interactive Features


Intuitive and addictive user interface which gives instant access to detailed property particulars


Uses compact thru-glass keypad for minimum impact on your window space


Includes all the features of Tec-View Basic


Touch-screen version also available


Fast, intuitive programming using Tec-View Client software which runs on you're existing PC


Fully compatible with Tec-View Basic, Tec-Print, Tec-Remote and Tec-Cam


As many (or few) display screens as you need


Everything included.


Key Benefits


Extends your effective opening hours economically


Captures and develops otherwise wasted sales opportunities


Holds of customers attention by focusing on their chosen price range and delivering far more information than static displays in an instant


A really great story for clients interested in marketing their properties with you


Can be deployed remotely to make best use of third-party window space (with Tec-Remote)




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