Capturing lost property sales opportunities
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TFT Display Screen for Estate Agent Windows

We aim to help you service the property marketplace with relevant and focused information 24 x 7. The key to efficient sales is being ready to service your customers at the time and place your customers choose. Tec-View products lets your customers view and get information at your premises whenever they choose.

Our route to increased property sales is by helping you to reach out to engage your customers - and. expanding the number of opportunities you have to reach them. For example -


Customers at your window when you are closed


Provide customers with all the information they need 24*7 automatically


Customers who see a property of interest to them, but forget and walk away from your window space


Give your customers hardcopy 24x7 with Tec-Print


Customers who miss you completely because your offices are not located in a prime location next to the big chains


Rent window space from a compatible business. Use Tec-View to get to your market at a fraction of the cost of another office.


Serious customers who don't want to encounter a sales negotiator just to see if a property is what they are looking for


Make information easily available 24x7 and do business at a time and place of your customer's choosing

Doesn't everybody buy and rent property over the Internet these days?

Find our here why Tec-View and your window space are so important in staying competitive in the Property business today.


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