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Window Advertising using third party window space
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How is your position?

Could you use a prominent High Street location but without the cost?


Tec-Remote provides you with a remote electronic presence wherever you can negotiate affordable window space


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Our demonstration rig incorporates Tec-View, a thru-glass keypad and Tec-Print. No installation required, we just bring it along and switch it on.

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Present your Properties in a Premium Location with Tec-Remote

Tec-Remote is an answer to the needs of many Independent Estate Agents to expand their footprint in the local area, or to find a more prominent location at an affordable cost to conduct basic estate agency business.


Many businesses such as Accountants, Solicitors, Insurance Brokers and the like have prominent high-traffic locations but little or no use for window display space. By partnering with such a business, you can project your business and property portfolio into a prime location at a fraction of the cost of opening your own office. Better still, you can keep working your customer base 24x7 whilst the big Estate Agency chains right next door are closed or asleep! By offering a small percentage of your advertising to your partner business, you can often enhance the prominence of your partner business at the same time.


Tec-Remote is an extension of Tec-View Basic, Tec-View Interactive and Tec-Print, and requires an Internet connection at both your office and the site where Tec-Remote is installed. The Internet connection need not be dedicated to Tec-View, and you can usually use existing Internet Connectivity for maximum economy. Tecbridge Professional provides all the necessary networking expertise to ensure your existing IT assets are correctly configured for Tec-Remote.


There is no additional administrative work for you - you just enter property particulars and images using Tec-View software as normal, and this information will automatically replicates itself to wherever you are deploying Tec-Remote.


All the features of Tec-View Basic, Tec-View Interactive, Tec-Print and Tec-Cam can be deployed at your chosen remote location(s).




Tec-Remote Features


Supports Tec-View Basic, Tec-View Interactive, Tec-Print and Tec-Cam at one or more remote locations over existing Internet connections


One single property database to enter information into, irrespective of the number of sites where Tec-Remote is deployed


Fast editing - you enter property information into a local database (which is very fast) and new information is uploaded to remote sites in the background


Tecbridge undertakes all the necessary network configuration work


Key Benefits


Extends your footprint around your local area, and gives you an affordable presence in prime locations


Enables you to place yourself next to your competitors and benefit from the foot traffic they generate!


Provides you with a presence close to your biggest competitor but without incurring their overheads


Reaches out to your customers at a time and place of their choosing


Provides really great competitive differentiation to clients interested in marketing their properties with you




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