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Tec-View Basic
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What is Tec-View Basic?

Tec-View Basic displays an automated sequence of property adverts on electronic screens in your window to attract and holds the attention of walk-by customers.


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Our demonstration rig incorporates Tec-View, a thru-glass keypad and Tec-Print. No installation required, we just bring it along and switch it on.

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Window Property Advertising with Tec-View Basic

Tec-View Basic is the entry-level advertising system in the Tec-View range, providing a simple sequence of property adverts and messages on TFT display screens. You can use as many or few screens as you need.


You can segregate which properties are advertised on which screen by price and rent/buy, so you can focus each screen on a narrow range of properties. This is recommended practice to avoid loosing the interest of prospective buyers by boring them with a lot of irrelevant properties. There is no additional data entry, and you can change what is displayed on which screen at any time.


You can also choose which properties are shown at which times of day, enabling Tec-View to target particular traffic patterns.


Tec-View Basic employs the same Tec-View software and database as other products in the range, so upgrading at any time is simple and straightforward.


Tec-View Basic can be enhanced with Tec-Remote to give you a physical presence wherever you can obtain premium window display space and an Internet connection at an attractive price.


Tec-View Basic can also be enhanced with Tec-Cam to enhance the security of your office, and deter any would-be burglars or vandals.



Tec-View Basic Features


Show different price ranges or rentals on different screens


You can schedule different properties to be presented at different times of day


Include your corporate logo on every image


Powerful caption capability - captions can be any size and in any position


Fast, intuitive programming using Tec-View Client software which runs on you're existing PC


Fully compatible with Tec-View Interactive, Tec-Print, Tec-Remote and Tec-Cam


As many (or few) display screens as you need


Everything included.


Key Benefits


engages walk-by traffic with appealing and space-efficient window advertising


Minimum effort to enter and maintain property information


Provides an important differentiator between you and your competition


Can be deployed remotely to make best use of third-party window space (with Tec-Remote)




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