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Web-Cam for Estate Agent Security
Web-Cam for Estate Agent Security

What is Tec-Cam?

Tec-Cam is an extension to any Tec-View system. It adds one or more Web Cam's to constantly monitor and record images of your window space, providing a powerful and effective deterrent against intruders and vandals.




Get a free on-site demo

Our demonstration rig incorporates Tec-View, a thru-glass keypad and Tec-Print. No installation required, we just bring it along and switch it on.

Just call 0207 993 6503.

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Estate Agent Premises Protection with Tec-Cam

Tec-Cam is a cost-effective but powerful security tool to help Estate Agents protect their premises against vandalism and intruders. Tec-Cam adds one or more USB Web Cams to an existing Tec-View System to constantly record images of your window display space or other vulnerable areas of your office.


Tec-Cam can be configured to save images to any hard disk on your local network or to a Web Site for maximum security. Taking a picture every few seconds can lead to the generation of a very large number of image files - Tec-View software automatically delete's them after an adjustable period of time, so there is never any risk of running out of disk or web site space.


Once installed and set-up, there is nothing further to do other than occasionally take a look at the images being generated to ensure the Web-Cams are still covering the areas you need protected.


For maximum deterrent effect, we recommend Web Cams are mounted in a prominent position, and you advertise the protection offered by Tec-Cam with an occasional splash screen on Tec-View.



Tec-Cam Features


Adjustable image size and snapshot interval


Takes regular pictures day and night, and automatically stores them either at your premises or to a web site


Uses pre-existing Internet connectivity to store images off-site


Preview mode integrated into Tec-View Software


Requires Tec-View Basic or Tec-View Interactive


Key Benefits


Simple but Powerful enhancement to you're overall building security at low additional cost


Visible deterrent to would-be vandals and intruders


No management for you to worry about - everything is automatic




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