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Tec-Print - Property Printouts printed on-demand. Designed for Independent Estate Agents

What is Tec-Print?

Tec-Print is a patented device which enables your customers to get property particulars printed on demand when you are closed. Tec-Print sits inside your premises and makes printouts available through you're existing letterbox - the wrong way, Tec-Print works in conjunction with Tec-View Interactive to provide a comprehensive, out of hours interactive information system for your customers


Get a free on-site demo

Our demonstration rig incorporates Tec-View, a thru-glass keypad and Tec-Print. No installation required, we just bring it along and switch it on.

Just call 0207 993 6503.

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Publishing Property Fliers to your Customers with Tec-Print

Tec-Print delivers single-sided full colour A4 property printouts to your customers on demand. Tec-Print is designed to capture otherwise wasted sales opportunities.


Customers who see a property in your window which interests them, but walk away and forget they ever saw it


Customers who see a property of interest, but who can't share their discovery with their spouse


Customers who fail to follow up something they saw in your window because they are too lazy


Customers who can't take the opportunity to follow up on a property when they are in the area because they don't have sufficient information to do so.


Customers who are interested in a property , but want information without having to face a sales negotiator


Tec-Print can save you time - by automatically handling those early stage, time-consuming low-quality sales enquires where there is little prospect of business.


Tec-Print works hand-in-hand with Tec-View Interactive - your customers can browse through the properties on your list, and then choose to print particulars on anything they find interesting. The Printout is delivered through a standard letterbox. Your existing letterbox may be OK, but Tecbridge can fit a better one during installation should this be desirable. Normal post can be delivered through the same letterbox without restriction.


You can create your hardcopy documents with virtually any software package you like - as long as the software you use can print to a Windows printer. You simply print your document to a print file and load that file into the Tec-View Database.


Tec-Print can be enhanced with Tec-Remote to give you a physical presence wherever you can obtain premium window display space, share of a suitable letterbox and an Internet connection at an attractive price.




Tec-print prints property details and uses your letterbox

Tec-Print Features


Delivers full colour A4 printouts on demand 24 x 7


Accelerated Printing Technology - starts printing immediately when your customer requests it


Can use an existing letterbox (subject to convenient position and style) Will it fit?


Does not impede normal delivery of post


Flexible mounting - can even fit behind glass doors


Fully compatible with Tec-Remote and Tec-Cam. Requires Tec-View Interactive. Uses standard Tec-View Software


Built around a reliable Hewlett Packard Printer mechanism


Everything included.


Key Benefits


Keeps your business working for you 24x7


Provide a hardcopy reminder for both our-of-area and local visitors


Helps capture customers who may not yet be ready to talk to a sales negotiator


Enables partners to share their property discoveries with their spouses


Keeps your name and property portfolio on the coffee table long after the computer has been switched off


Provides a great story to encourage new clients to retain you




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