Capturing lost sales opportunities
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TFT Display Screen for Estate Agent Windows

Today, nearly 100% of house buyers use the web at some stage in their hunt for suitable property. The web does not however stop potential customers jumping in their cars with their families at weekends and in the evenings to explore an area and take a look at properties in the flesh from the outside. Even press advertising is more useful to mobile property hunters than the Internet because at least it is portable.

Most estate agents today focus on property sales and rentals in their immediate locality. Your display space is a logical stopping off point for visitors searching the area for properties out of hours. What happens to the customer when you capture his attention for a moment at your window? If all you can give your walk-by customers is a picture and a price, that doesn't go very far to persuading them to get back to you when you are open, or to look it up later on the Internet. In order to retain and develop your customer's attention, you need to be able to provide immediate answers to questions, and preferably hardcopy as a reminder of what the customer has viewed.

There are other categories of walk-by traffic which can be important to your business - local people looking to move up or down market for example. If they are seriously in the market, they will undoubtedly visit your window at some stage. Will you be open? If not, and they see a property which may be suitable for them, what are the chances they will behave rationally and make a note of it to follow up later? How many sales opportunities are lost when a spouse saw the ideal property in an estate agents window, but can't enthuse the partner with what remains a dim memory?

Whichever reason brings traffic to your window out of hours, you are almost certainly not in a good position at present to capture the moment of fleeting interest, and convert it into a sale. Does it make sense to spend a fortune on premises in a prime location, only to let your offices fall fallow and ineffective for the majority of the time your customers are out and about?

The Tec-View range of products are designed to service public lust for immediate and detailed information 24x7, provide memorable and lasting printouts (with Tec-Print) and to project your company into locations you could not otherwise afford (with Tec-Remote).

You may not double your revenues with Tec-View, but we have designed it to help you capture many of those sales opportunities you are probably wasting at present.

In the next section, we examine some of the distinguishing features of a typical Tec-View System


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