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Get  a demonstration of Tec-View in your office today!
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There is no better way to get to know Tec-View and what it can do for your business than by playing with the product for a day in the comfort of your own office.


Our demonstration trolley incorporates every feature of Tec-view and Tec-Print you are ever likely to want.


Did you know..

Most advertising systems work in landscape mode Tec-View can work in portrait or landscape mode. If you want to match your Tec-View screens to match existing static portrait displays, Tec-View can do it!

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Tec-View Integrated DemonstratorDemonstrator of Tec-View Window Advertising Products for Estate Agents

You can't buy one, but if you want to try Tec-View, Tec-Print and Tec-Cam for yourself, why not book our portable demonstration rig for a day? No installation is necessary, we just come along and plug it in and switch on.

The demonstrator comes complete with a pre-prepared database, so you can use it straight away. You can play with the management tools and add your own properties. The Demonstrator comes ready to run Tec-View, Tec-View Interactive and Tec-Print on a single screen. If there are any specific features you are interested in, just let us know in advance and we will ensure the demonstrator comes along suitable configured.

If you want to enter and edit your own property information, half an hour of training on how to use the software is advisable.

Subject to availability, we can deliver the Tec-View demonstrator to your door within 3-5 working days.

There is NO installation or software installed on your PC - everything comes ready to go.

To book a demonstration, call Tec-View Sales on 0207 993 6503



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