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Tecbridge Ltd is an independent UK company formed to provide specialised technical expertise to the Global Finance Industry.

Founded in 1995, Tecbridge staff have pioneered several generations of state-of-the-art voice communications and acquired wide respect in the industry for both excellence and integrity.


Did you know..

Tecbridge Ltd is a leading industry innovator in VOIP technology - the technology used to carry voice over computer networks.

Tecbridge Staff have assisted many blue chip companies reach new markets through innovation and the sympathetic application of new technologies.

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Consultancy Services to the Finance Industry

With over a decade of experience in the design and deployment of large-scale Voice systems and their technologies, Tecbridge Ltd now offers its expertise to Banks, their equipment and network suppliers. Our knowledge and experience is an essential ingredient in ensuring business-critical voice communications systems work as intended, and resolving complex acoustic issues when they do not. For more information, visit Consultancy Services for the Wholesale Banking Industry on the Tecbridge web site..

Custom CTI Products and Solutions

Next time you call your Utility, the chances are you will initially engage with a computer. CTI is an acronym for Computer Telephony Integration. Combining our deep knowledge of banking industry technology and the technical expertise of our key partner Miton Systems Ltd in CTI technology, we offer our customers the opportunities of extending and enhancing the usefulness of existing voice systems without the time, cost and risk of delivering new functionality on existing primary voice systems - such as the Corporate PBX. The Miton CTI platform can handle Interactive Voice Response, Conferencing, QSIG, H.232, SIP, Bridging, Grooming, Voice Recording, SMS, Voice Recognition, Databases, Text to Speech or Fax, and many more functions. Just click the link for more information.

Electronic Product and System Design

Tecbridge has broad range of design assets at its disposal including systems design, electronic hardware, software, product design, database design and Internet based technologies. Tecbridge seeks to work with partners in established markets to help them stay competitive and create an edge. Tecbridge is used to working both with Blue Chip organisations looking for fresh stimuli from outside their corporate boundaries to small vertical businesses focused on gaining or maintaining a product edge. Our core technical capabilities embrace Systems Design, Analogue and Digital Hardware and PCB design. Our software skills range from embedded real time software to Object Oriented software based on Microsoft .NET Framework and Database Design.

Printed Circuit Boards PCB 's at the Lowest Possible Cost

TecbridgeCircuits supplies printed circuit boards ( PCB 's) of all types including single sided, double sided PTH and multilayer. We work closely with partners in China to provide fast turnaround for small to medium volumes of printed circuit boards ( PCB 's) and provide some of the lowest prices available anywhere in Europe today.

Our website features an on-line Printed Circuit price tool calculator to instantly calculate instant prices for all types of Printed Circuit Boards ( PCB 's).

For more information, please visit our dedicated web site at http://www.tecbridgecircuits.co.uk

AlliancePartners in the Finance Industry - Miton Systems Ltd

Miton Systems Ltd

Miton Systems Logo

Miton Systems Ltd are expert in CTI technology.

VOIP+PLUS Logois Miton's Technology platform which features standard PBX functionality and native VOIP in H.323 and SIP flavours. But there is much, much more to VOIP+PLUS.

Traditional CTI technology has been based on very expensive DSP-based cards which fit into PCI slots in a PC. Individual VOIP cards have been known to cost over £16,000 each!. VOIP+PLUS uses the native processor power of a PC, removing much of the cost and reliability issues that traditionally go with CTI solutions. VOIP+PLUS architecture encourages the use of a multiplicity of low-cost PC's with a high degree of resilience and redundancy. Contrast this with high-density platforms from other vendors where single-point failures can wipe out large tracts of business-critical functionality in one go. This is an exact fit for the business-critical needs of the Finance Industry where business worth millions of pounds is commonly traded in minutes over voice systems.

Tecbridge Ltd is the Manufacturers Representative for Miton Systems Ltd in Global Financial Markets.




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